Waxing and Sugaring

Unwanted facial or body hair can be embarrassing, and many hair removal methods can be painful or cause damage to the skin. At Hairrific , we offer a waxing service and sugaring services to help with this. Our wax professionals are experts when it comes to bikini waxing and eyebrow waxing or shaping.

Sugaring is a hair removal process involving the use of sugar and is gentler compared to some other waxing methods. Our technicians know just how to shape your brows to compliment your face shape. Many people try to do hair removal at home but soon learn how easy it is to over pluck and how painful waxing can be if it is done incorrectly.

We also offer other services at our hair salon including facials and hair extensions. Contact Hairrific in Newport News, VA today for more information about our waxing and sugaring services.


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